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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Earthbox come in different colors or sizes?
Yes the original EarthBox is now available in dark green, terra cotta, white, lime green, blue, eggplant and chocolate. The EarthBox Jr. is available in the same colors.

Our EarthBox mini comes in three colors, terracotta, green, chocolate and tan. The EarthBox square planter only comes in terra cotta.

The original EarthBox dimensions are 30L x 15H x 12W. The EarthBox mini is perfect for herbs and flowers and its dimensions are 23L x 8W x 7H. The square planter measures 15L x 15W x 14H.

Can you plant more than one plant in the box?
Yes, depending on the plant. Some plants grow larger than others and require more space, so fewer plants are used.

How often must the Earthbox be watered?
The first 36 hours you will go through approximately nine gallons of water. During this time it is very important to keep your Earthbox watered. After that, every two to three days is fine unless you have large plants or it is very hot. When filling the Earthbox, you will know when you box is full when the water runs out of the drain hole in the front of the box. You can never over water your Earthbox.

How much water does the Earthbox hold?
The water reservoir in the original Earthbox has a three gallon capacity. The mini has a 3 quart reservoir and the square box holds one gallon of water.

What is the purpose of the watering tube?
To fill the reservoir.

What is the purpose of the plastic cover?
The plastic cover acts as plastic mulch and has multiple uses. It is used to prevent weeds from growing in the soil and prevents water loss through evaporation. It also keeps rain from washing the fertilizer directly onto the plants, which can burn and kill your plants.

Can you plant more than just tomatoes?
Yes, you can plant everything from assorted herbs and vegetable to flowers and even small to medium perennials such as blueberries.

What is dolomite and what is its purpose?
The mixture we use 50% Lime, 50% Dolomite (calcium carbonate, zinc, iron, and trace minerals and elements). The analysis is .46-4.32-.97. Dolomite provides calcium, which is beneficial to the growth of most plants.

Where can the Earthbox be placed around the home?
The Earthbox can go anywhere in your yard, from pool decks and lanais to front walks and even rooftops. As long as it is exposed to sunlight, the Earthbox should produce beautiful flowers and many vegetables. In most cases, the South side of your home provides the most exposure to sunlight.

Do you have to use pesticides?
It is not always necessary to use pesticides though we highly recommend there use in such crops as tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, corn, strawberries, etc. We use different pesticides as a preventative measure to control fungi, pests, and viruses. Our chemicals are non-systemic and many of them are organically approved.

What type of soil should I use in the Earthbox?
We suggest using our potting medium, which consists of Canadian peat moss spagnum, vermiculite and perlite. If you are unable to get to our store, we recommend any good potting mix without fertilizer additives.

Does the soil need to be changed every planting?
The soil only needs to be changed every three to seven years.

Can I start seeds in the box?
Yes, you can start many plants from seeds.

Do I need to remove the fertilizer before each replanting?
No, not necessarily, you can just add more fertilizer for your new planting. It is recommended after 2-5 plantings to remove the fertilizer . For example, I just add fertilizer for each new planting of cucumbers that I plant 3-4 times per year. Fertilizer is then removed annually so it does not accumulate in the box.

How do I replant my older box?
You have options depending on what is being grown. Either add fertilizer to or remove it from box. If you are removing fertilizer, scoop it out and use it on your other landscape plants. NEVER MIX FERTILIZER IN YOUR SOIL! Once removed, you can remix the soil or can dump into a wheelbarrow or the ground and clean inside the box. You can refill the box with the old soil, adding new soil as needed. Replant the box as one would a new box.

Do I need to replenish the dolomite every season?
We recommend using 1/3 to half a pound of dolomite each replanting for the first year or two, after that the soil should be fine. Note, tomatoes do need dolomite every single planting

Can you grow organic?
Yes, our soil is 98.9% organic, with only the wetting agent used being the non-organic aspect. We have organic fertilizer as well.

Do you use different fertilizers for different plants?
Yes. For most vegetables we use 6-8-10 and for herbs and flowers we use a slow release fertilizer.

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